We make it personal.

We work directly with you, providing personalized, unique solutions that cater to your area of business. we are committed to expanding our client business capabilities while becoming a trusted partner of their future growth.

about popal media

Popal media was founded over 5 years ago. We have created animated videos and corporate videos for Dubai Govt,MBRF,Dubai Economics,DED,Sellanycar,Bk Gulf, Ducto Group and much more.

Today, we are one of the worlds leading design houses, listed as on of the top animation studio in Dubai, actually more times than any other.


to popalmedia

Our creative team creates the worlds most creative and effective videos with a clear message and engaging animation.

Why Popalmedia?

Before popalmedia cartoon animation or explanatory video animation was quite expensive and the process of making animation was really expensive and complicated. We created the best explanatory video animation process.

The necessary need of animation for every business inspired us to make an easy and cost effective system for creating animated videos and cartoon animation to explain business and ideas. The vast need of animation gave us the power to make an affordable animated video animation for any kind of business or service.

Popalmedia experience

We delivered more than 347 brilliant animated videos all over the world. We have created business introduction videos, online training and coaching videos, product demonstration and service explanatory cartoon animated videos.

Such an experience has given us the power of delivering any kind of video animation on time with great outlook and creative animation with attractive story.