corporate films

corporate films

Popal Media is a full service corporate films production company, specialising in corporate and media communications.We help our clients achieve their objectives by communicating more effectively with customers, investors, employees, policy-makers, regulators and the wider public.

Compelling video footage is a powerful tool to communicate your message to a wide audience.  Whether your event needs the excitement that a video can bring or you require a short corporate film, we have the right cast, crew and equipment to make every production a hit. Our video production facilities and our production values are second to none.

From training videos and company videos to conference openings and Powerpoint presentations, we will listen to your brief and deliver the solution with vision, dedication and flair.

Explanatory Videos

Explanatory Videos

Promoting a business in an animated explanatory video has become a great marketing tool. Video animation has become the successful tool for marketing purpose to describe and explain complex ideas, products or services in simple animation. Explain your business in just 60 seconds. The average attention span of the Facebook generation is 90 seconds. This is the time you have to get your message across – and the first 7 seconds are the most crucial! That’s when you have to convince viewers to actually continue watching.

Cartoon animation helps to create high impact messages that speak to prospects in ways virtually no other medium can do that. Cartoon animation is associated with fun. So added level of abstraction allows viewer to focus on the “message” rather than petty details, so they can actually evaluate the real benefit.

“A cartoon allows you to present an idea or product in a non-threatening, non-salesy, non-push way, because – after all – it’s just a cutesey cartoon…”

3D Animated Video

3D animated videos

We create impressive architecture and animation, striking visualization and stunning interior.

Particular attention is paid to maintaining a high quality of activity 3D Studio. Individual employees will not only control the process of developing new products, but also continuously monitor changes in legislation and regulations to ensure that projects 3D Model always meet the most stringent standards.

High static and animated graphics, spectacular presentation and advertising presentation films, beautiful architectural renderings – these and other techniques allow us to create the best products on the market. The studio’s 3D and CG production facilities produce both traditional and digital animation for clients the world over. Popal Media has established itself as one of the best and most reliable production company.